Los Angeles Based

Jason P. Lewis

Commercial Director & Producer

Jon Komp Shin “DMK” Stills
Theory Motion
Natalie Stills
Edward Moelter of “The What” Stills
Suicide Prevention PSA Motion
Skyanna Stills
Babbel Motion
Skate 818 Stills
Dwell; Palisades Stills
JAL Stills
Silks by Elle Motion
Akerke Stills
Wildwood Storm Stills
Icebreakers Motion
Opus 1 Motion
Seany B Stills
Dapper Q; 7 Days of Ilana Stills
Buenos Onda Oliviadores; Trek Stills
BFFs; Key Art Stills
Judge Faith; Key Art Stills
9.5.57 Motion
Salk Institute; Nikon Germany Stills
Santa Monica Circa Stills
Malibu Fires Stills
S. Sierra Sequoias Stills
D Tun Stills

"Everything with purpose."


  I am a Los Angeles native and self-taught filmmaker who began working in production at the age of 17.

I value relationships, honesty, frankness, kindness, and respect. My work and my life reflect these values. In my work, I aspire to create content that nurtures people’s desires to connect with others and with themselves. In my life, I’ve found that incredible things come from being entirely transparent.

I am multi-disciplinary. I have worked on 75+ commercials, features, shorts, and TV series as a Location Sound Mixer. I have worked as a DP on over a dozen projects. Prior to my work in production, I studied music and composition. To this day I compose frequently, and have written 30+ pieces from Orchestral Jazz to Pop.

I am currently based in LA. If you want to connect, feel free to shoot me an email.

Motion. Stills. Music.

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